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  Click here for our DYEtective Web site. A wide range of UV Hand and Skin Stain Kits to help you catch a Money Thief, Prankster, Saboteur, Vandal or Tamperer.  

 Click here for our STARGLOW Web site. For a wide range of Glow Stickers, Glow Powder, Glow Pebbles & Rocks, Glow Vinyl, Glow Paper, UV Face Paint, UV Neon Paints, Reflective Paint, Glow Paint, Invisible UV Paint and much more.

  Click here for our WASH & GLOW Web site. The World Famous CheckPoint UV Lamp together with a wide range of Hygiene Training Kits and Teaching Aids.  



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  Click here for our HAND BUGS Web site. A wide range of Affordable, Entry-Level Hand-Hygiene Training Kits and Lotions for those on a tight budget.  

Click here for our wide range of STARGLOW SMART Paints - Glow-in-the-Dark, Luminous, Invisible Ultra Violet, UV Fluorecent and Reflective

  Click here for our UV GERM Web site. Our famous Hand Hygiene Training Range with its distinctive BRIGHT GREEN GLOW. Used throughout the NHS and Private Hospitals Worldwide.  


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